Clackmannanshire Business Awards

The inaugural Clackmannanshire Business Awards took place on Thursday the 4th of September which saw two of our members win awards.

Bar Aldo's won Food, Drink and Hospitality Business of the Year, narrowly piping Mr Singh's to the award.  Aldo Pia said "What it means to us is that it shows us how good our customers are to us and how loyal they are to us and loyal we are going to be back to them for showing their appreciation.  I've been in business for thirty years with the last seven spent here in Clackmannanshire which has been totally fantastic".

Smart Specs Optical Dispensary received the High Street recognition award.  Anne-Marie Macklin said "It's fantastic.  It's totally unexpected, especially as it's special recognition.  It's a big thank you to the customers for supporting us over the three years.  I think there's a lot of people in the area that are very talented and have lots of skills to bring and provide services to the community and it's just getting the opportunity to do that".