What You Need To Know ...

To Open A Business In Alloa Town Centre

The ATCBID can assist and answer many of your questions when you are developing your business plan to open a business in Alloa Town Centre.  The ATCBID have a wealth of local knowledge and also a strong local support network which includes Clackmannanshire Council and other prominent local businesses.

A number of business premises are eligible for relief on their business rates through the Small Business Bonus Scheme which might see your business paying no business rates.

All businesses and organisations are automatically enrolled in the ATCBID and you become a "member" which means that you can benefit from all the projects and assistance offered through the ATCBID.  You will be liable to pay your annual ATCBID levy which is banded and based on your rateable value.  The following levy cost should be factored into your business plan:

 Band    Levy    Cost Per Week  Property RV Range 
 A  £240  £4.61  £1,499 to £6,000
 B  £340  £6.53  £6,001 to £8,449
C £540 £10.38 £8,500 to £13,100
 D  £740  £14.23  £13,101 to £22,250
E £940 £18.08 £22,251 to £36,250
F £1040 £20.00 £36,250 to £180,000

 ATCBID income through the BID levy is circa £100,000 per annum which is used to deliver projects and services which have been requested by businesses and organisations which are outlined in the ATCBID Business Plan.